About Us

Project-based consulting services leveraging innovation for profitable business growth.

Specializing in metals, ceramics, polymers, abrasives, composites, chemicals and allied fields.

Our Vision

The sustainable impact of our efforts is a cultural transformation - to encourage the continual "looking outside" and "assimilation" of external ideas into the core strengths of the organization.

Our Mission

We aspire to partner with our clients to seamlessly bring outside ideas in on a continuous basis and to implement these ideas for direct impact on the financial results and on the culture of the company in a sustainable manner.

Our Plan

"Bridging" the internal cultures of the organization with the cultures of the external organization. The clients’ employees directly engaged in the process play a key role while Materials Outovation™ serves as a catalyst.

Our Services

Consulting services in the field of material sciences:

Evaluating new markets

Identifying new product needs in existing markets

Providing strategies to bring new products to new and existing markets

Identifying customers in targeted markets

Establishing pricing positions

Creating new product brands and associated sales and marketing literature

Research, development, engineering, and scientific services in the field of material sciences 

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We would love to connect with you. Please send your inquiries – including requests for an exploratory call or meeting.

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Our Portfolio

Assisting mid-market private equity companies in assessment and due diligence of possible companies for purchase.

Privately family owned, 140 year old mining company with presence on 3 continents – looking to leverage itself into new markets – proactively managing their product life cycle. We partner with the C-Suite.

Public company in primary metals operating in 10+ countries with over 10000 employees. We work with the C-Suite on (i) strategy, (ii) competitive threat assessments, (iii) enhancing innovation internally, (iv) building external networks with key universities, (v) guiding and leveraging some of the startups in their ecosystem to benefit the multinational and the startup.

Portfolio company of a Private Equity Firm. We partner with the C-Suite to define technical differentiation, leverage competencies into new markets, energize external networks, suggest operational and safety culture improvements.

Highly specialized and customized company working on industrial filtration applications for 60 years with 200+ employees.

Advising the CEO of a startup company backed by venture capital and by several multinationals including TOTAL and SABIC - encouraging industry specific "customer pull" strategies to accelerate growth.



Our team consists of experienced professionals who have done such work for decades at multi-national companies. They are backed by individuals early in their career, university facility, and information services specialists.

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We would love to connect with you. Please send your inquiries – including requests for an exploratory call or meeting.

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+1 508 925 0459